The committee’s goal is to assist in the beautification of our neighborhood by working with members to identifying neighborhood needs and working to fulfill these needs. The Committee actively promotes beautification projects, manages street signage initiatives and parkway tree plantings. If you are interested, email Kelly Cockrell at

Tree Planting Program

Our Beautification Committee works with the City of Dallas Reforestation Program to provide free trees for our neighborhood. Over the past two years we have plated more than 70 trees on our neighborhood parkways. Trees beautify our neighborhood, clean the air and make our streets and sidewalks cooler in the hot summer months. Replacing trees and keeping an urban forest is very important. For more information, see our Tree Planting Program page.


In early 2010, the neighborhood association conducted a survey/vote about the idea of changing our neighborhood’s name. Formerly Gastonwood/Coronado Hills, the popular vote changed the name to Lakewood Hills. In an effort to re-brand our neighborhood, we adopted the new name and worked with neighborhood graphic artist Walter Soza to come up with a new logo and graphics to reflect our neighborhood’s character, uniqueness and ties to neighboring landmarks like Lakewood Shopping Center, White Rock Lake and the Arboretum. For more information, see our Monuments page.