Tree Planting Program

Our Beautification Committee works with the City of Dallas Reforestation Program to provide free trees for our neighborhood. Over the past four years we have planted nearly 200 trees on our neighborhood parkways. Trees beautify our neighborhood, clean the air and make our streets and sidewalks cooler in the hot summer months. Help keep our neighborhood green, plant a tree.

The trees must be planted in the “parkway” – for most residents, the parkway is the strip of grassy area between the sidewalk and the street. The type of tree planted must be approved by the City Arborist. Most of the trees provided are very nice trees with a caliper of 2-4 inches! These are a great addition to the neighborhood. Click here to get a list of the trees.

To be eligible for free trees you must:

  • Be a current member of the neighborhood association (LHNA).  Non-members can participate in the program for a $25 fee which includes a complimentary membership to the neighborhood association.
  • Complete the lot plot form – Click here for PDF Form.
  • Call 811 and arrange a dig test with the city.
  • Have the tree planted correctly. The LHNA arranges for a tree planting service and mulch the day of delivery for around $20-$25 per tree.
  • Water the trees deeply once or twice per week during the months of April through October, and biweekly during the months of November through March until the trees are established (which is typically for two years).
  • Fertilize if signs of nutrient deficiency appear
  • Replace the tree, at your expense, if it dies within the first two years