We are always looking for neighbors who want to lend a hand, whether planning a picnic, lobbying the city council or improving the park.

All neighborhood events and committees were started because of a neighbor saw something that needed to be done or something that would be fun to do as a neighborhood. If there is an issue you’d like to tackle or an activity you’d like to plan, please attend a quarterly association meeting or contact a board member to get involved.

Beautification Committee

The committee’s goal is to assist in the beautification of our neighborhood by working with members to identifying neighborhood needs and working to fulfill these needs. The Committee actively promotes beautification projects, manages street signage initiatives, and parkway tree plantings. If you are interested, email Kelly Cockrell at

Block Talk

Block Talk is a place in our newsletter for sharing information about neighborhood happenings, people, events and asking for a service referral. Just get married or have a baby? Having your art featured in a local gallery? Have news to share? Let the neighborhood know! If you need a referral and the e-mail address at which you would like to receive recommendations as the referrals will not be published in the newsletter. Please e-mail it to by the 12th of the month for inclusion in the next month’s newsletter.

Book Club

Do you like to read? Do you like to meet new people? We have a new neighborhood activity for you. This is an excellent way to enjoy books, challenge your mind, encourage you to read more, and read books that you might not normally choose; but most importantly have fun. If you are interested, email Stacy Mach at

Crime Watch

Tired of Crime? Is protecting your family, home, and community important? Crime prevention is primarily a neighborhood responsibility – it takes all of us to make it work. One of the best ways to decrease crime in our neighborhood is for people to be watchful, to know who and what activities belong in a neighborhood, and to report suspicious activities. If you are interested, email Pryce Tucker at


Have you ever asked yourself, ‘I wonder what is up with…’, Curiosities spotlight someone from our neighborhood who is doing something cool or interesting. If you know someone who fits that description or have a burning question that you would like to have answered please email Kelly Cockrell at and we’ll let you and the neighborhood know what we find out by publishing an article in the newsletter.

Garden Club

If you have got a green thumb, this is an opportunity to share your passion with neighbors who also love gardening. This is an opportunity to learn a lot from neighbors who do! Either way, a garden club is just the thing for sharing information and resources, plants and seeds, and for just becoming inspired! If you are interested please contact at for more info.

Golf Club

If you have a set of clubs and like to play golf with other women, this is the club for you. If you’re interested in playing with other women in the neighborhood, email Sherry Duffer at for more info.

Gourmet Club

Do you have a passion for cooking and eating delicious food? If so, then check out the LHNA Gourmet Club. Gourmet Club is open to everyone who lives our neighborhood. Culinary expertise is not required. The only requirements for participation are passion for food, motivation to stretch and develop your skills in the kitchen, and desire to explore different foods with your neighbors. Each Gourmet Club dinner has a theme. The theme and entrée are determined in advance by the planning committee. All courses must be consistent with the theme. Gourmet club dinners are held in neighborhood homes. Contact Kim Ratcliff at for more info.

Lakewood Hills Ladies

Lakewood Hills Ladies is inviting all women in the “hood” to attend our monthly evening event. The 3rd Thursday of each month. We go to a local restaurant selected by the group. We also plan the family events around the “hood” as well. Trips to the community garden, play-dates, etc. If you would like to get on our email list, please email Melanie Gordon at

Men’s Club

Do you love Monte Python and the Holy Grail? Do you enjoy malt beverages? The men’s group meets monthly to play poker, golf, watch the Super Bowl, or some other “man type” activity. They run the L.H.M.C.V.I.T.H.N.W.N.H.W.M&S.T.T.T.D.N.R.A.K.S.R. (The Lakewood Hills Men’s Club Volunteer Initiative to Help Neighbors Who Need Help with Minor and Short Term Tasks That Do Not Require Any Knowledge, Skill or Risk). Do you have a small job that requires a non skilled labor (i.e. taking an old chair out for bulk trash pick up, putting a box up in the antic)? If so the men’s club would like to help. If you are interested please contact Ed Loutherback at for more info.

Neighborhood Nosh

Are you a FOODIE? Do you LOVE to dine at out? Don’t just stick to your local favorites… enjoy the recommendations from our neighborhood experts, they will guide you to our spectacular cuisine in East Dallas. For more information email Amy Skinner and Rachel Pinn at

Pet Watch

We create and maintain a database of pets that live in our neighborhood. Any new neighbors that want your pets in the database, please go to our Pet Watch page and fill out the form. If you’d like to receive e-mail alerts, please e-mail

Social Committee

The best neighborhood is an interactive neighborhood, and that’s the goal of our Social Committee. They are responsible for planning events for everyone – from our adult and kid friendly block party, National Night Out event, holiday party, collective garage sale, to our casual front porch hangouts – their goal is to ensure everyone has a way to connect to their neighbors.

Interested in hosting a Front Porch Social? It’s an easy and fun way to say “hello” to neighbors if you just moved in! Maybe you’d like to help out with an upcoming event? Contact the Social Committee,, for more information.

If you would like to add our events to your Google Calendar or get event alerts, go to our Calendar of Events page. We try to keep it chock full of local events – subscribe and stay in the know!

Yearly Events to Look Forward to:
Front Porch Social – Seasonal (March-Sept)
Picnic In The Park – March
Neighborhood Garage Sale – May
National Night Out/Block Social – August
Block Party – October
Holiday Party– December

Our 2016 Social Committee:
Halley Collard
Katie Myatt
Melanie Gordon
Julie Schmitt

Welcome Committee

This committee helps welcome new neighbors by presenting them with a basket of goodies from local shops and this wonderful booklet filled with the history of the neighborhood, a Lakewood Hills activity calendar, info on Lakewood Hills committees, and maps of local shopping. The welcome committee is a great way to meet new people in the neighborhood. If you would like to volunteer, contact Nina Koch at for more information.

Yard of the Month

Winning homeowners will receive a write-up in the monthly newsletter and of course bragging rights. There are no entry forms or special requirements, other than having a magnificent front yard (don’t worry, we won’t be traipsing through your tulips or peering over the fence to see your backyard). Winning yards will be evaluated on “curb appeal,” well-maintained, plant variety, and use of color. If you have any questions please contact Kelly Cockrell for more information.