Crime Watch

Crime is a dirty word and we all want to avoid it from happening to us and our neighbors. Lakewood Hills started its very own Crime Watch Committee, headed by neighbors volunteering their time to drive through the neighborhood, keeping an eye on suspicious activity. In turn, the committee has made our neighborhood a much safer place and has actively involved other neighbors to join in on the cause.

A few items the Crime Watch Committee has set in place:

  • Secured a no-trespassing writ on an empty real estate project at Tucker and Gaston to help reduce the numbers of homeless camping out.
  • Formed a resident-run neighborhood watch. For just one hour a month, volunteers can help make our neighborhood a safer place by patrolling our streets and reporting on suspicious activity.
  • Speaks regularly with the Dallas Police Department liaisons to keep them on graffiti, issues with homeless camps in the area, and much more.
  • Worked with Lakewood Ace Hardware to allow neighborhood members to receive a discount on the Strike Master (for the home) and The Club anti-theft device (for the car)

Through our e-Newsletters and e-mail blasts we’re able to get the word out on recent suspicious persons and activities in the area, share crime-reduction tips, and keep our neighbors up to date on recent crime trends and police enforcement activities.

If you see anything suspicious, call the police (911). Don’t be afraid to call 911 even if it’s a non-emergency situation.