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Committees & Groups

Pile Of Books

Book Club

Do you like to read? Do you like to meet new people? We have a new neighborhood activity for you. This is an excellent way to enjoy books, challenge your mind, encourage you to read more, and read books that you might not normally choose; but most importantly have fun.

Donna Coker


Lakewood Hills Ladies.jpg

Lakewood Hills Ladies

Lakewood Hills Ladies is inviting all women in the “hood” to attend our monthly evening event. The 3rd Thursday of each month, we go to a local restaurant selected by the group or at one of our houses. This is a great place to meet other women, moms, and neighbors to make new friends and plan play dates.

Donna Coker

Dark Roofs Housing Complex

Welcome Committee

The welcome committee helps welcome new neighbors by presenting them welcome packet, bottle of wine and information about the neighborhood and events. By being a part of the welcome committee, it's a great way to meet new neighbors in the neighborhood and help connect them to other neighbors.

Team Effort

Aerial view of house roofs in suburban n

Block Captains

Our Block Captains, who live on a particular block in Lakewood Hills, are individuals who volunteer their time (a few hours a year) to answer questions for the neighbors and pass out fliers, door hangers and welcome our new neighbors for the members of the Neighborhood Board.

Team Effort

Mens Club.jpg

Men's Club

Are you a man that enjoys malt beverages? The men’s group meets monthly at the Cock & Bull. Meet your neighbors, make new friends and be a part of the "Lakewood Hills Men’s Club Volunteer Initiative to Help Neighbors Who Need Help with Minor and Short Term Tasks That Do Not Require Any Knowledge, Skill or Risk." 

Ed Loutherback


rainbow playgroups logo2.png

Kids Playgroup

Do you have small children? Are you and your children eager to make new friends as we enter a post-Covid-19 world? Join a Lakewood Hills Playgroup! Our goal is to connect parents of children in similar age groups (i.e., kinder year). Sign up link below.

Brandi Askenase

Crime Prevention

Crime Watch

Tired of Crime? Is protecting your family, home, and community important? Crime prevention is a neighborhood responsibility – it takes all of us to make it work. One of the best ways to decrease crime is for neighbors to be watchful and  to report suspicious activities.

Jonathan Kopf

Fancy Dinner Party

Social Committee

The best neighborhood is an interactive neighborhood, and that’s the goal of our Social Committee. We're responsible for planning events for everyone – from our adult and kid friendly block party, Holiday party, collective garage sale, to our casual front porch hangouts – ensuring everyone has a way to connect to their neighbors.

Team Effort

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